Kenli Gengxin Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established on April 25,2002. It belongs to the government attracting investments enterprise of Kenli county. Our company mainly produces Cyclohexylamine and Dicyclohexylamine. According to the requirement of relocation office of urban government, we relocated Kenli Gengxin Chemical factory in 2010, our old factory was stopped at the end of 2010 ...more

  It is packed by sealed steel drum. Net weight is 170kg to 200kg/drum, or is packed at ..
  Colorless and transparent oily liquid with a smell similar to that of acetone, the...
  N-methyl pyrrolidone(NMP)
  Can dissolvable in water and many solvents, such as acetaldehyde, ether, acetone, etc.
  It has slight amine odor; inflammable, highly toxic; slightly soluble in water, miscible...
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